Living History


Dr. Powell was invited by the producer of the Donnie MucClurkin Show (named for and hosted by gospel music living legend Donnie McClurkin) to research, write the script and narrate a segment entitled LIVING HISTORY as an outreach to the African American community. LIVING HISTORY, which was heard nationally on the Donnie McClurkin Show, took the radio audience on a brief journey into the chronicles of Black history. Dr. Powell shared her passion for reading and education through two to three- minute segments enhanced with video on the internet at The Donnie McClurkin Show on FACEBOOK and at With provocative narratives, powerful audio effects and stunning photographic/video images, LIVING HISTORY with Dr.  Powell  received rave reviews from listeners around the country. Dr. Powell believes that the African-American people have a rich heritage that should be learned, embraced and passed on!

Show Highlights:
ROSA PARKS, Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

DOROTHY HEIGHT, Queen of the Civil Rights Movement and Founder of the Black Family Reunion

HANK AARON, the Homerun King

LENA HORNE, Actress-Singer

LANGSTON HUGHES, World-Renown Harlem Renaissance Author-Poet